SEDS, the Social Education and Development Society, was founded in 1980 by Rajen Joshua and Manil Jayasena as a grassroots development NGO, motivated by the desire to help the poorest of the poor in the drought-prone area of Anantapur District in Andhra Pradesh. In the early days, the main focus of the work was on community development by way of non-formal education and small loans to skilled target communities like cobblers, basket weavers, blanket weavers and others.

As Anantapur is the second most drought prone area in India and much of its natural resources are depleted, it soon became clear that environmental problems would have to be tackled first, if peoples’ livelihoods were to be made sustainable. Starting in 10 villages near the small town of Penukonda a scheme of pioneering work was developed which aimed to empower local communities and improve their environment. Initially small nurseries were started for homestead plantations and planting of avenue trees along village roads. Re-a-forestation and more sustainable agricultural practices were introduced. From 1990, SEDS started using a more participatory approach, through the formation of Community Based Organizations. Involving the communities more in the effort made them actual stakeholders in the development process of the region. Throughout the years the scope and area of the work increased and the fruits of the sustained efforts became visible in the greener environment and the enthusiasm of the communities.

Today, SEDS is working through an integrated rural development approach with an emphasis on women’s empowerment, watersheds, re-a-forestation and natural resource management. This is within five Mandals in the southern part of Anantapur District, in south western Andhra Pradesh namely, Penukonda, Roddam, Gorantla, Somandepalli and Chilamathur. In these 5 mandals SEDS currently supports 125 villages, being some 12000 women and their families, 980 Self Help Groups (SHGs), 120 Village Organisations (VOs) & 5 Mandal Samakyas (MMSs) .

Through its sustained efforts SEDS has made a significant impact on the lives of the people in the area and the local environment. The SEDS slogan “Towards a greener tomorrow” has become a reality.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sports Day

This was the start to out 65th Independence day of India. Ananda Vidyalayam school assembly prayer being said. Followed by the flag hoisting and some recitals performed by the school children. This was followed by the annual sports day

Flag hoisting by chief guest Ms. Maitreyi Kanjilal while everyone salutes the flag.

Ring-a-ring a roses

Songs performed by std 4 taught by Henry (left) our school English teacher. He has joined us this academic year and the children have been introduced to singing classes this year due to Henry’s musical talents.

Ananda Vidyalayam has 70 students this academic year. These 70 students are from the lower kinder garden till standard 5. This year they were divided into tiny tots, sub-junior and junior categories. This is the juniors performing at long jump.

Rolling pins. This game done by the tiny tot category which are the lower kinder garden and upper kinder garden grades, is performed by rolling a football and knocking as many pins down. Other games for the LGK AND UKG were a biscuit eating competition, lime and spoon race, frog jump, musical chairs, in & out, sack race.

This was the running races that were conducted for the sub juniors and juniors. In this picture you see Murthy from the junior section coming first with Anji and sri latha in third place. Other games were lime & spoon, frog jump, frisbee throw, long jump skipping race, sack race.

Prize distribution was followed after a cultural program of plays written by Henry performed for the whole school, staff of SEDS and parents who attended.

Finally, at the end of the program we had a surprise box event for the children. Euro SEDS from Germany sponsored this event. The children were each given a packet of Boost, a chocolate milk drink and a toy. The toys were cars, Rubik cubes, for the boys and kitchen sets, toy cell phones and Rubik cubes for the girls. There were also a few other gifts that were donated by individual people from Bangalore.

As the children were on their way home after the day of sports, they spent some time opening presents and snacking on a packet of puffed rice. Ananda Vidyalayam would like to say thank you to Euro SEDS the sponsors of the surprise box !